/mōjō krė’ãtiv ‘dijitl/
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We are a family of creative, innovative and energetic people that are beyond excited to come to work each and every day.  We look at each new project as a challenge that will allow us to transform into someone greater than who we are today.  We are a family that looks at the future and gets goose bumps about the possibilities of leaving our mark.

Digital Marketing Agency

Alexander | Fakeri
/ MR. MOJO /
CEO & Owner
Michelle | Fakeri
/ The Principal /
Director of Business Operations
Mark | Sly
/ Superman /
Director of Development
Kalie | Lastagarkov
/ Sunshine /
Account Executive
Madi | Keck
/ Burpie /
Lead Creative Designer
Mark | Buchberger
/ Moonwalker /
Creative Designer
Arbie | Agdana
/ Sir Garlic /
Connor | Mcdonald
/ Sweet Boy /
Brenda | Keck
/ Brendita! /
Sr. Quality Assurance Tester
Bonnie | Bottner
/ Bonnie /
Content Writer
Kyle | Jackson
/ Thrill Seeker /
Project Coordinator
Cat | Harvey
/ Copy Cat /
Content Writer
Ethan | Welsch
/ Green & Hungry! /
Administrative Assistant
Matt | Burgess
/ Tweaker /
Videographer / Photographer
Paul | Belletiere
/ Master P /
/ Where's the ball? /
Snacks Manager


Your surroundings can change or improve your mood.  In our eyes, we wanted to spend our time in a creative space, where every day we could explore our passions and…well, get our MOJO on.  So, we designed a work space that met our needs down to the very last inch.  Take a moment to explore our space or better yet, call to schedule a visit…client, future customers, even competitors!

Baltimore Maryland

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our | community

As an organization, we believe that we have a responsibility to share our time and give back to our community.  Each year the MOJO family spends both work and personal time giving back to our community in different ways.  Take a look at some of the causes we think you should know about: Pasadena Business Association Harvest For The Hungry Caring & Sharing Parade, Pasadena Business Association Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, DAV - Chapter 13, MOJO Internship Program and various projects in our community.

Baltimore Maryland

PBA Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Each year the MOJO Team donates their time to take photos of over 300 children and their families visiting Santa at the Annual PBA Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Disabled American Veterans

Alexander Fakeri works with the local DAV | Chapter 13 Group throughout the year and then annually raises money for local vets at the Annual MOJO Mixer.

MOJO Mixer | Client & Community Celebration

Since 2011 MOJO has held an annual mixer to thank both their clients and their community for their support.  They also use this event to raise money for DAV.

lets | talk

Do you like what you see and hear so far?  Take some time to explore our company and experience our culture first hand by visiting our social media profiles below. We keep these updated frequently so check back with us or follow us to get updates.

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