The MOJO team has done it again!

Alex Fakeri | Dec 19

MOJO has recently won not one, but two website design awards. The 2016 W3 Award, Gold Website for Visual Appeal and the 2016 Silver Davey Award were presented to MOJO for the work completed on The project was a collaboration of the creative and development team, driven by lead designer John Bright. Glyph Technologies is a long standing client of ours who produces high quality external hard drives for creative professionals and consumers alike.

Website Design Award - MOJO Baltimore Website CompanySome features incorporated into the award winning design of consist of engaging landing pages with real time feeds from the company’s social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. These landing pages allow the client to launch their own micro campaigns and promote them online. Glyph’s product gallery, that is easily managed through a CMS, allows users to conveniently browse and compare products, including specifications, images, videos, and the ability to buy online or add to a shopping cart. The website also features ProTeam Members, a showcase of artist profiles that highlight stunning and inspiring work from not only great musicians, but photographers and videographers as well. 

The Davey Awards, though specifically for smaller companies are judged by a prestigious group of professionals from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. The Davey Award represents the story of David and Goliath. David, the innovative thinker was able to defeat the giant Goliath with just a small stone and an original idea. The International Davey Awards honors small businesses with big ideas.

The W3 Award is the first award of its kind. The competition is available from the smallest agencies to international and Fortune 500 companies. Websites are judged on creativity, usability, navigation, functionality, visual design, and ease of use.

These accomplishments can be seen as more than just shiny awards to put on display- though it doesn’t hurt to have a sparkling trophy to show off. These awards symbolize the growth, and hard work of the entire company, piloted by owner and CEO, Alexander Fakeri.

“We recently celebrated MOJO’s 12th year in business, and have nearly doubled the amount of members on our team in the last 2 years. Our 2017 will be geared towards investing in our people while continuing to find ways to add value for our clients. The W3 and Davey Awards are just a small representation of what MOJO can accomplish, and the bright future we look towards.” – Alexander Fakeri

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