Another BAD website EXTERMINATED!

Mojo | Nov 07


The MOJO team has struck again! This time we EXTERMINATED a bad design, but not only designing a new website, but completely revamping the branding and logo for Weir Pest!

"We were focused on helping people by delivering a modern and unique experience that was different than all of the competing pest companies. We wanted the brand to resonated with user and give them a feeling of confidence about picking up the phone and calling Weir for all of their pest control services." - Alexander Fakeri


Easy to Navigate!

Paul Weir from Weir Pest had been struggling to improve the frequency of his conversions on his website. Many people were complaining of lack of information and that the website wasn't easy to use. We felt it was important to design an easy to use navigation, but also a navigation bar that stood out from other websites. Additionally, we tried to maintain a strong balance of negative space around key calls to action in the design.

Helpful Information

asdfAnother issue Paul Weir was that all the big name pest control companies had these strongly branded websites, but the quality and consistency of their information for consumers was always lacking. Any quality information could only be found from local pest control companies that took the time to share the information, but when most local company's websites were lacking when it came from the user experience and the branding...increasing consumer confidence was a challenge. Paul Weir wanted to provide helpful guidelines for homeowners on pests and proper labeling for common chemicals found in the home.

Flexible Blogging

Weir was struggling to post quality content for consumers, but he needed to have a blog format that complemented the existing brand and was integrated seamlessly into the website. With Weir Pest’s new blogging tools they can work on their search engine optimization efforts, while simultaneously increasing the amount of valuable information they provide their customers.

Visit for yourself and let us know if you want to exterminate your BAD website!

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