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Imagery is everything. Our photographers will capture your message.


Videos are the key to delivering a clear and powerful message.


Cutting edge aerial videos and photos that will make a lasting impression.


Capturing impactful footage to form a quality message requires the experience of an agency that knows the pre and post-production film process and the creativity needed to have your video.

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Send a powerful visual message, we have the creativity , tools and experience  to produce  studio quality videos
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Videography Services

MOJO’s videography services are based on a process.  A process that will ensure we take all the right steps to ensure your video reflects your company’s message.  Our agency specializes in web ready content for projects requiring rapid deployment.  We are equipped with HD (High Definition) 4k video cameras, professional video editing equipment and music library with 1000’s of tracks and effects, and most importantly we have the experience.

Video Prodction Process

When you work with our staff, we will walk you through the entire process of developing you video.

  • Brainstorm and storyboard
  • Script writing
  • Shoot Schedule
  • Publishing & Marketing


We know quality photos are important, but what is more undeniable is that a video will convey your message better than any other medium.  Consumers only spend 49 seconds on the average website and in that time, you need to let consumers know that you have everything they need and there is nowhere else they need to go.  MOJO’s videography services will elevate the quality of your message and ensure consumers are everything when it comes to design.

American Cedar and Millwork

drone services

Now your videos can take flight, don't miss a chance to give your customers a new perspective of your business
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Drone Videography Services

Drone videography has changed the world. Business owners are now able to present their services and products with the same level of professionalism and inspiring quality, previously reserved for corporations. MOJO's drone video services are provided to companies in Maryland needing licensed drone services.

Drone Photography Services

MOJO now provides high resolution drone photography services for advertising needs. Our professional drone pilots in Maryland are insured drone pilots and have the experience needed to provide superior aerial photography.


Imagery is everything when it comes to design.  We live in a world where imagery is consumed everywhere, by everyone.  A quality photograph can attract your next customer, amplify your message and even define your customer’s perception of your company.  MOJO’s team of photographers take your company’s image to the next level.


Our photographers can photograph food, products, people or environments.
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Photographers in Maryland

MOJO has both in house and a team of photographers in Maryland that are experienced professionals.  We are well-equipped photographers that can work with natural light or even studio shots of food and products. Since 2004 we have been also photographing numerous businesses through out Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.  We have even photographed clients as far away as Texas.

MOJO Photography Process

When we work with clients, we have a proven process that we walk clients through to ensure that our team captures the key images you need for each shoot.  We will work with your team to plan, storyboard, and schedule your photo shoot.  Take a moment to contact us here at our MOJO office in Baltimore and learn how one of our photographers can help you.

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