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There is a common misconception when it comes to the phrase “corporate branding.”  The word “brand” is often confused to mean the same thing as a logo.  However, a logo is just a small piece of your overall brand. Your company’s brand is more than just a symbol…it’s an experience. 

Experiences can extend through multiple senses of an individual during any given interaction.  MOJO’s brand experts consider every aspect of a customer’s potential experience with your brand. Simply put, this thought process goes beyond how your logo will be used, to what environment it will be engaged in, and how it will be interacted with.

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Trusted Knowledge. Proven Results

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Delivering Marylanders Prestigious Homes & Ownership


Holistic Health Care for you and all of your Kin.

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Complete Out Sourced Payroll Services

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Haas & Sons

Your Neighborhood Electrician

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If you have worked with a big design firm or marketing agency in the past, then you probably know what a style guide or brand book is.  However, most of the small to medium sized companies we work with in Baltimore, San Diego, and even Austin have never heard of this term before, nor do they understand the need.

Have you ever hired a vendor to print company shirts or design your business card, but the end product just didn’t line up with your company’s image?  They may have used your logo, but the fonts are off, the colors aren’t right, or the logo is stretched or squished.  A brand book is a style guide, which defines your brand and ensures that whatever marketing materials you’re producing are consistent and accurately reflect the company.

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