Industry: Chiropractic Medicine

KinnCare represents a departure from standard American health care. Combing Chiropractic and Naturopathic care , In our office you will enjoy personlized healthcare at its best. We treat patients, not symptoms and by doing so we help you become the best version of you!

Chiropractic Medicine
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KinnCare, formerly Kelly Chiropractic Center, wanted to design a new brand and company name that would combine their chiropractic and naturopathic care.  Being known for their personlized healthcare, KinnCare wanted to give a feeling of professionalism and warmth with their new brand.


The KinnCare name represents the client's belief in drugless care, most importantly their belief in wellness through a natural healing process.  MOJO selected two colors to represent the two aspects of the company’s service, blue represented the professionalism and the green was designed to emphasis the importance of natural healing.  The symbol represented a butter fly that was the evolution of the company’s original state to something now more beautiful.



Light Blue

Hex: #3298DA
CMYK: 72, 28, 0, 0

Dark Blue

Hex: #297FB8
CMYK: 81, 43, 7, 0


Hex: #057185
CMYK: 89, 43, 38, 9

Dark Green

Hex: #159F85
CMYK: 80, 14, 59, 1

Light Green

Hex: #19BD9B
CMYK: 73, 0, 52, 0

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