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Industry: Real Estate

The Jacobs Group's experience in real estate and their mission to help Marylanders achieve homeownership sets them apart. Bridgette Jacobs' exclusive Sellers advantage Marketing Plan specifically addresses how a market analysis determines the value of your home, how to actively promote your home, why proper pricing is the key factor, the importance of timely communications with the seller and much, much more.

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Jacobs Group was struggling to differentiate themselves in the well established real estate market and after already making a failed investment with another agency, they needed to work with a company that understood their mission and branding goals. They came to MOJO looking for a brand refresh and a clearly defined style guide, including colors, fonts, and usage. The new brand would connect with their target audience and should be easily incorporated into any medium for future marketing campaigns. 


MOJO's approach to the Jacobs brand meant taking a hard look at not only at one of oldest professions in the world, but also the passion and mission of Jacobs beyond selling homes.  We focused on developing a unique and strong brand that Maryland home buyers and sellers could relate to that would stand out amongst the traditional existing real estate brands.  MOJO leveraged Jacobs' passion for homeowners and their support of animals through BARCs and the AASPCA to develop the unique brand, inspired by the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, creating a symbol that will stand for more than just selling homes...it's building families and a lifestyle that is native among Marylanders.


Navy Blue

Hex: #001648
CMYK: 100, 94, 35, 47


Hex: #e5173e
CMYK: 4, 100, 76, 1

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