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Industry: Printing Material Suppliers

Digital Color Ink, LLC was established in 2002 by two industry professionals, Jay Udovich and Carew Alley. With over 35 years of experience and knowledge each, they set out to establish a company that strives to exceed their customers’ needs. Correction - not our customer’s…our valued partners. We have grown a lot in 17 years. We have had three locations and with every move we have expanded to stock more products for your immediate needs. We have gone from a webpage to an e-commerce easy to order on-line website. We have added a team of knowledgeable experts to serve you. We value every relationship we have made on our journey and look forward to making many more successful partnerships in the future.

Printing Material Suppliers
Strategic Branding & Design
Website Design & e-commerce
Signage & promotional materials

Digital Color Ink was growing and they were ready to reinvent their image to match the future they envisioned.  When the time came, they asked MOJO to refresh their brand.  Together our two teams would begin brain storming and looking objectively at their customer base, their needs and reflecting on the impact they wished to make in the industry.


The MOJO Team focused on the basic premise of the print industry...C.M.Y.K.  From the kick-off of the brainstorming session to the placement of the last pixel, we knew that we had to play into the meaning of INK.  Our team wanted to bring in the four colors that are the premise of the industry and present the colors using pixels, but in the shape of an abstract, "splash" that implied movement and creativity.  We would also leverage the colors to begin color coding and sectioning the navigation and content of their brand.  Digital Color Ink's brand was born and they now have an enterprise-level brand that will carry into the future.

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Hex: #00adee
CMYK: 70 15 0 0


Hex: #eb008b
CMYK: 1 99 1 0


Hex: #fff100
CMYK: 4 0 94 0


Hex: #000000
CMYK: 75 68 67 90

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