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At Chedda Payroll, we understand the challenge business owners face as they cope with the ever-changing rules and methods of processing payroll, dealing with benefits and filing taxes. As a full-service, one-stop shop with over 20 years of accounting experience, we can pay your employees, file all required government forms, and report and pay your taxes promptly and on time. We also offer HR solutions to fit your business needs.

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Previously named PVA Payroll, MOJO needed to ensure that we not only design a new logo, but we rename the company and develop a memorable brand.  Simutaneouly we needed to prepare a marketing campaign that would keep the client's existing customer base current with the company's rebranding efforts.


MOJO tested serval company name that would ensure the client's name stood out from their competitors.  We finally selected Chedda Payroll and then designed supporting leave behind materials that the client would be able to easily reproduce cost effectively.




Hex: #FBAF40
CMYK: 0, 36, 85, 0


Hex: #F26D31
CMYK: 0, 71, 89, 0


Hex: #8D44AD
CMYK: 54, 84, 0, 0

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