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Industry: Health & Fitness

To inspire, empower, and challenge our clients to become the highest version of their current selves.  We are passionate about creating happy, healthy, and successful clients through our expertise in the areas of fitness, nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle coaching.  We believe that our client's success requires a natural progression and education from a variety of modalities and disciplines.

Health & Fitness
Strategic Branding & Design
Website Design
Social Media Campaign

2 Health Nuts is a growing fitness training company that needed to ensure their brand reflected their experience and core strengths.  The company had a hard time incorporating the number two (2) into the brand and they needed some creativity that was outside of the box.


MOJO knew that the solution to this problem was to completely focus on the number two (2) and not treat it as a secondary item.  The team wanted to ensure that there was both movement and energy in the brand.  By focusing on designing a custom number two and by leveraging a bold color, this was going to help us with the baseline of our brand.  When it came to typography, we ensured that the font would need to complement the lines in a way that would demonstrate 2 Health Nuts' energy and passion for the industry.


Proud Pink

Hex: #ff70bf
CMYK: 1 69 0 0

Steadfast Black

Hex: #000000
CMYK: 75 68 67 90

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