Will Barrios — Creative, Cool & Insightful

Mojo | Aug 21

williamMeet Will!  Yes, we decided to add another designer and he is creative, cool, insightful—and now, he’s our new Creative Designer!

With 10 years of graphic design experience and a keen eye for detail, Will is ready to get his MOJO working with us!  Yeah, he’s a Baltimore guy for sure—but, Will’s determination, work ethic, knowledge, and enthusiasm towards graphic design is what sold us.

Ever since his days at Parkville Middle School, Will has always had a passion and a natural talent for visual arts. It was his passion for visual arts that lead him the Maryland Institute College of Art, where he graduated with a Major in Animation with a Minor in Graphic Design, back in 2007—and has been killing it in the design game, ever since.

Startups have always been Will’s forte, which makes him no stranger to marketing-based graphic design—but his favorite part of being a designer, is the collaborations, teamwork, and problem solving that comes with the creative process.

And as for his goals with MOJO; Will is ready to bring his creative insight, experience, and skills to an award-winning studio, while growing as a designer, helping clients, and doing whatever he can to keep MOJO’s design team the best it can be. It’s the combination of our creative approach and business focus that drew Will to MOJO--In fact, he compares joining our team to going from the minors to the majors, when it comes to creative studios.

When his face wasn’t too busy being glued to his computer screen, we had a chance to ask Will a few things about himself when he’s not in MOJO-mode. After some Q&A, here’s a little more about the newest edition to our Creative Design team:

  • When it comes to personal influence, Will’s mother was the first person who came to mind. As Vice Principal at a school for aiding students with special-needs, it’s her dedication and hard work that Will admires about her the most. In fact, when Will was in college, she also enrolled and earned her degree before he even did.
  • When it comes to professional inspiration, Will’s Godbrother encouraged him to pursue a career in the arts, just like he did. But once Will started his journey at MICA, it was Will’s ceramics and 3D drawing professor who was always there to provide life advice whenever he needed it.
  • The best piece of career advice: Hard work beats talent.
  • When he’s away from the studio, Will loves to ski—and enjoys pretty much anything in the cold weather, especially when he gets to enjoy it with his wife and dog, named Koda.
  • Will has a secret talent of juggling and performing magic tricks—and as impressive as that is, we had to ask he leaves the doves at home when he comes to work.
  • And when he comes home from a hard day at the studio, Will prefers to eat his favorite meal; a nice big plate of chicken parm.

We are happy to welcome Will to the MOJO team! In closing, we asked him for a quote to send us off…

“A man who has no imagination, has no wings…”

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