Meet Mark Buchberger - a man of few words and GREAT TALENT

Mojo | Aug 21

As a man of few words, but great talent...Mark makes his point clear in his design work.  Meet Mark Buchberger, the newest Creative Designer to join the MOJO team!

Mark has been in the graphic design game since graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1996. Starting out as a college intern for an underground Baltimore lifestyle publication, and witnessing the early days of web design, Mark has seen a lot throughout his career--and now, he’s ready to get his MOJO working with us.

Mark Buchberger - Baltimore Website Designer and UX ExtraordinaireThrough all the agency and studio experience over the last 15+ years, Mark is ready to take on his new creative opportunity. His interest in graphic design comes from his disinterest in literally everything else that his early, community college (pre-MICA) courses had to offer. It was the painting and drawing courses, not the math and economics courses that inspired Mark.

Mark always welcomes a challenge and conquers it every time. It’s his creative intuition that keeps him cool, calm, and confident through the toughest projects—because, at the end of the day, it’s just another opportunity to collaborate with his team and come up with another clean, simple, and functioning creative solution. It’s what Mark loves the most about being a designer.

So naturally, Mark’s transition to MOJO was a smooth one, and he’s ready to bring his experience, creativity, and industry insight to the team. And since we were able to pry his face off his computer screen for a few minutes for an interview, we were able to learn a few more fun facts about the newest edition to our creative team:

  • Mark’s biggest professional influence was a former employer who gave Mark opportunities to interact with clients and go beyond the typical role of a graphic designer.
  • The best pieces of career advice Mark has ever received: Don’t just work to please, Your creative input is important, and Build trust!
  • Mark is a dedicated father and a good friend to everyone.
  • Mark likes to run, eat vegetarian, and focus on living an overall clean and healthy lifestyle.
  • When he’s not in MOJO-mode, Mark likes to play video games, read, and listen to music.
  • Mark loves to eat Indian food and Mexican food—as long as its vegetarian, of course.
  • His biggest vice is Gummie Bears!

We are happy to welcome Mark to the MOJO team! In closing, we asked him for a quote to send us off…

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

- Socrates

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