Meet Hans Kronheim

Mojo | Jun 12

We got another one!! Meet Hans Kronheim, our newest business development rockstar!

Being a salesperson is a tricky thing. You can go at it with a shotgun spraying and praying, or you can be an artist knowing your product and explaining why your client needs it, which is a tricky thing because no one cares about your product. People only really care about your solution to their problem.

“If you believe in your product - then you aren't selling, you're transferring the passion from your product to your clients problem to create a solution. Then your passion becomes part of a project. That project becomes part of your client and their passion. And that's freaking cool. ”

-Hans Kronheim 2017

This is why I like MOJO and wanted to be a part of their team - their work with clients and ability to create what the client's passion envisioned sold ME.

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