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Mojo | Jun 15

When it comes to keeping things running smoothly in the office, Ethan is our guy. Meet Ethan Welsch, the newest addition to the MOJO team! Ethan is a Cyber Security major at Anne Arundel Community College and now, he’s our new administrative assistant. 

Born and Raised in Pasadena, Maryland, Ethan is happy to become a part of a local company—but what drew Ethan to us, was the opportunity to set himself up for success after college, in a fun-but-constructive atmosphere.

Ethan comes with a background working in construction--starting out as a laborer and working his way up to project manager. As much as he enjoyed his role in construction, he’s happy to transfer and kick off his career in the world of digital marketing. And since we are always looking for the next bright, creative, and hardworking individual to join our team, we knew Ethan would be a great fit.

So far, he’s enjoying keeping up with our fast-paced day-to-day schedule and helping to keep things organized around the studio. His biggest takeaway, as a new member of the team, is how much creativity and planning goes into digital marketing and web design. But the one thing he loves the most about working with MOJO, aside from the creative and encouraging setting, is the relationship-based interactions we have with our clients.

Ethan is determined to lend his charisma, work ethic, and enthusiasm to the team, and help out in any way he can. When it comes to taking the next step in his career, he’s always willing to listen, learn, and take in all that he can that involves the world of digital marketing and getting into MOJO-MODE.

But after a few minutes of Q&A, when he’s not holding things down in the studio, we learned some other things about our new administrative assistant:

  • Ethan decided that construction wasn’t the career path he wanted to continue on when he fell three stories through a building. Although construction wasn’t for him, he still appreciates his former industry and employer for believing in him at a young age.
  • His biggest professional influence is his grandfather—as a business owner, Ethan has always seen his grandfather as the most inspiring person in his life.
  • Ethan loves rock and country music—not only does he like to listen to it, but he also likes to play his favorites on the guitar.
  • Ethan loves to cook--his favorite food is a good burger, hot and fresh off the grill.
  • Ethan loves to hunt and train in mixed martial arts. Even though he no longer competes, he still enjoys MMA training as exercise.
  • After a long day, Ethan likes to come home to his two dogs, Chesney and Buddy. But it doesn’t take a long day of work, or even a long week for Ethan to enjoy carpentry and wood crafting.
  • The best career advice Ethan has ever received:  “If you run into a problem, already have a solution.”
  • Once again, we are happy to welcome Ethan to the MOJO team. In closing, we asked him for a quote to send us off...

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.”

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