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Meet Albert

Alex Fakeri | Nov 30

He’s known as a quick thinker, a free thinker, intelligent, and intuitive…and now we are lucky to call him our new Account Executive!

Meet Albert Michaels, the newest addition to the MOJO team! After 30 years of soaking up the sun in Florida, Arizona, and California, he’s coming back home to Maryland, and ready to get his mojo working with us.  As a 15-year veteran in sales and marketing, Albert perfected his craft working in various industries, molding him into a well-rounded business development badass! 

Of course, we are always looking for someone outgoing and articulate to join our team—but Albert’s determination, work ethic, knowledge, and enthusiasm of graphic and web design sales, is what sold us.

Getting Back to His Roots

Sometimes, a trip home is all it takes to inspire one to move back. That’s what Albert realized the last time he came home for a visit—encouraging him to look into possible job opportunities. What drew him to MOJO was the opportunity to work at a web-based creative agency, in helping companies develop their online presence, identity, and branding—aspects he’s found most enjoyable throughout his career. Albert is determined to bring his skills and work ethic to the MOJO team and continue to learn whatever he can about the tech community in Maryland. But we had a chance to ask him a little bit more about the non-wheelin’ and dealin’ version of Albert. After some Q&A, here’s a little more about our new team member:

  • Albert loves spending time outdoors—especially hiking and camping. But he can often be found spending time surfing the Internet, as he’s always pushing himself to learn new things, and educate himself any way he can. 
  • Albert is also a big music fan. His music taste dates back to almost everything from the 1950’s, until now. We asked him to name three celebrities past or present he’d like to join for a night out on the town, his answer—the Rat Pack
  • Albert’s favorite historical figure is JFK—holding true admiration for his leadership and communication skills. The way JFK was able to inspire is what makes him Albert’s biggest influence.
  • Being able to attend Orioles games, IN Baltimore again is another thing Albert is pumped for! According to him, there’s nothing like attending a home game and feeling that sense of community bonding, that you get in Baltimore.

Once again, we are happy to welcome Albert to the MOJO team. In closing, we asked him for a quote to send us off…

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.” - Henry Ford

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