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Drone or no-drone, time certainly flies when you’re having fun--and the past 15 years were no exception.

What started out in an old garage back in 2004, and is now a premier web design agency throughout Maryland, MOJO Creative Digital has certainly come a long way.

We remember the days back when “The Facebook” was just for Ivy League students, before taking a picture of yourself was called a “selfie”, and before you could manage your entire life through your cell phone—Heck, The Office was still just a TV show in the UK back then—But through all the ups-and-downs, twists-and-turns, and the occasional bump in the road; we are proud to look back on our 15-year history and see how far we’ve come:

2004 – From a garage in Pasadena Maryland, MOJO was born!

2004 – Debut of the first official MOJO LOGO

2005 – Moved into our first official office

2007 – Landed our First National account; Keller Williams International

2008 – Hit by recession

2009 – Debut of the second official MOJO LOGO

2009 – MOJO’s first-ever video shoot

2010 – Survived the recession

2010 – Moved to Ft. Smallwood studio

2011 – Debut of the third official MOJO LOGO

2012 – Organized and launched our first MOJO Mixer

2014 – Upgraded to our new studio

2015 – Achieved SDVOSB status

2016 – Won Maryland SBA Small Business of the Year Award Winner!

2016 – Debut of the fourth official MOJO logo change.

2016 – Winner of the WC3 Award

2017 – Landed their first TWO government contracts with Georgia and California

2017 – Winner of the Davey Award

2017 – First Drone: first step towards our mastery of droneography

2018 – Hosted our first MOJO Mixer at Camden Yards

2018 – Going “out there” with NASA/STScI at Johns Hopkins University

2019 – 15 years in business,

2020 – ....

Through the millions of lines of code, thousands of clients, hundreds of video shoots, dozens of employees, a handful of awards, a couple of drones, and an office dog, we’re still here doing what we do best: delivering quality creative solutions through innovative web design, dynamic brand development, and insightful marketing solutions have touched the eyes of audiences in Maryland, space, New York, California, Thailand, and beyond.

We would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have supported us, worked with us, and pushed us beyond our creative limits to become the best web design agency we can be--And when it comes to the people, businesses, and the communities we serve, we are reminded time and time again, that all the long hours, coffee binges, late-night pizzas, and morning meetings that go all day, have made it ALL worth it. Thank you everyone for being a part of our 15-year journey—Here’s to many, many more years of MOJO.

Alexander Fakeri
CEO and Founder

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